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A Buying Guide to Washing Machines

Here at Appliances Direct, we want you to make an informed decision before purchasing with us. That is why we have supplied you with a Washing Machine buying guide to help you make that decision. We want to make sure we supply you with as much information as possible so that you have a better understanding of the appliance you are about to buy.

A Washing Machine is an investment for your household so you want to be sure you are choosing the correct one to fulfil your needs and budget. It can be quite daunting as there are so many out there and they all have different functionalities. You will find that most washing machines these days are aimed at making the washing cycle more energy efficient and effective but all will have different features and functions. Don’t be overwhelmed!

What type of washing machine?

The first thing you need to think about is where is your washing machine going to go? There are several types of washing machine you can choose from dependant on where it is going to be in your kitchen.

  • Top Loading Washing Machines - Top loaders have a greater drum capacity but require more space. Great because you don’t have to stoop to load your washing.
  • Front Loading Washing Machines - Front loaders are good for fitting under worktops or into smaller spaces and are easily accessible.
  • Integrated Washing Machines- Integrated washing machines are front loaders that are fitted under a worktop and completely concealed by a door panel that matches the rest of your kitchen so when the door is closed the washer is completely hidden.
  • Semi-integrated Washing Machines - Semi-integrated washing machines are also front loaders that are partly covered by a door panel that matches the rest of your kitchen units. When the door is closed you can only see the controls at the top of the washer.

Before you buy your washing machine, make sure that you measure the space that the machine is going in to make sure the one you are buying will actually fit! And make sure that you will be able to access the washer and load it without being restricted.

Energy Efficiency

Every washing machine will have an energy efficiency rating from A++ down to G. A++ is the best energy rating to have, it will be more sufficient and use less electricity and water therefore it will be cheaper to run. Most washing machines now use what is called ‘Cold Fill’. This is when your washing machine uses predominantly cold water which is gentler on fabrics and much better to remove stains. It is also more energy efficient. You will generally find that the more expensive the machine, the higher it will rank for energy efficiency. There are plenty of features on washing machines that can help with energy saving such as a pressure mechanism so that it can tell how much washing there is in the drum and use the right amount of water accordingly, variable temperature controls and a timer delay so that you can set your machine to wash through the night when electricity is at its cheapest.

Washing Programmes & Features

The most common of washing programmes that will feature on almost all washing machines are cottons, synthetics, delicates and woollens. Most of you will be familiar with these. The more expensive and fancy washing machines will have an array of different programmes and settings so you can control exactly how your clothes are washed. There are features such as a pre-wash for those stubborn or soiled clothes, extra rinse for people with sensitive skin, Anti crease, Steam wash, Hand wash for delicate fabrics such as silk or fine wool, Baby cycle to keep your tot’s clothes nice and soft and quiet settings. Yes that’s right, you can determine how loud or quite your wash can be. You can also alter the temperatures and spin speed for every cycle which gives you more flexibility for your washes.

Spin Speeds

Most washing machines will have a minimum of two different spin speeds – 1000 to 1800 rpm, a higher speed used for more hardy fabrics such as cotton, and 400 to 800 rpm, a lower speed for synthetics and delicates. RPM stands for revolutions per minute, the higher the number then the faster the spin speed. Most washing machines will automatically choose the spin speed but a lot of them have the option for you to choose your own spin speed The faster the spin speed, the more water will be extracted from the washing making it easier and quicker to then dry. Every 200rpm increase in the spin speed is a 10 minute reduction in drying time in the tumble dryer which means lower utility bills as it costs more to tumble dry than it does to wash.


Before installation, all delivery straps must be removed, these are usually on the back of the washing machine. And make sure your washer is levelled before installation too; you can do this by rotating the feet underneath the machine to the right height. If you are planning to install the machine yourself, then make sure you use the full instruction manual and make sure that you place all the plumbing so i is easily accessible in case of an emergency! Also take care that you don’t squash or twist the vent hose as the washing machine is pushed back in to place. If you don’t fancy fitting the washing machine yourself then no need to worry. Here at Appliances Direct we offer a full installation service for just £19! That includes positioning the appliance in a room of your choice, disconnecting the old appliance, installation of the new appliance to an existing point, testing it to make sure all is working correctly and removal of all packaging. And for an extra £14 we will also take your old appliance away and recycle it safely. Don’t forget it’s very difficult to have your old appliance taken away by the council or at your local tip so this is the easiest and most cost effective way to ‘get rid’.


Over 99% of our washing machines are in stock for speedy delivery. Our standard delivery usually takes 3 working days but you can pay an extra small fee if you wish for your delivery to be with you the next day or on a Saturday. All our deliveries are completed by a two man team to ensure that the delivery gets to you as safely as possible. You will receive a call from our delivery drivers on the day of delivery to give you an estimated time that they will be with you. When the washing machine is delivered, our delivery drivers will unpack the machine for you so you can inspect it and they will remove all the packaging from your home.

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