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Special Offers - Ovens

As well as the lowest prices we also go that extra mile with a huge range of offers available. Thereís nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you buy the product you need at the best price and also get great service and offers on top; thatís what youíll get with Appliances Direct.

  • Induction Hobs

    Induction Hobs

    Don't forget your Induction Hob! Faster. Cleaner. Safer.

  • Upgrade with Candy!

    Upgrade with Candy!

    Efficient, technically advanced and beautifully styled appliances.

  • Free LG Microwave

    Free LG Microwave

    Get a FREE LG Microwave, when purchased with a selected appliance.

  • New Colour Colour Boutique

    New Colour Colour Boutique

    Introducing the new Colours range from New World, bringing life to your kitchen!

Ovens - Need to know:

How is my new oven going to fit in my kitchen?

All ovens are built-in so if you are looking for a freestanding unit you need to visit our cooker or range cooker pages where we have freestanding options. You should always check the exact measurements of any appliances to make sure it will fit; this will also make the shopping experience far easier for both you and the delivery drivers that come to fit your new oven.

What's the best way to be energy efficient?

Having a fan assisted oven speeds up the cooking process by about 10mintes for every hour that itís used. Other features which also help are programmable timers that allow you to set the start and stop time and a glass door which means you donít have to open the door and let cold air in, prolonging your cooking time.

What features should I look out for?

Timers make life easy with a programmable timer. Set cooking start and finish times, and minute minders alert you when your food is ready.
Self-cleaning: Some ovens feature catalytic liners that absorb grease and fat splashes, and pyrolytic ovens have a special cleaning cycle that burns cooking deposits and leave only an ash residue for you to wipe away. These features enhance your overall cooking experience and can be the deciding factor for your purchase so donít take them too lightly!


Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale


Robot Vacuum Cleaner Stirio Automatic Stirrer Bluetooth Fitness Band Food Dehydrator Drone Offer


Robot Vacuum Cleaner Stirio Automatic Stirrer Bluetooth Fitness Band Food Dehydrator Drone Offer
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