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Basin Buying Guide

The basin is the most used item in the bathroom, so you want to get it right. You not only have to decide on a design but you also need to consider usability. There’s such a wide choice when it comes to basins we’ve put a guide together to explain all the different options and what features to consider while you shop, so you can pick the perfect match for your needs and style.

Types of Basins

Full-Pedestal Basins A popular choice for many bathrooms is the classic full pedestal basin. The basin is mounted to the wall and sits upon a pedestal which sits on the floor and conceals any pipework and plumbing. Pedestal basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all types of bathrooms. Whether you’re creating a contemporary or traditional style bathroom, there’s plenty of choice with a pedestal basin. Shop full-pedestal basins »

Semi-Pedestal Basins As the name suggests, these basins have a semi-pedestal. The basin is mounted to the wall and sits upon a short pedestal which is also mounted to the wall but it does not reach the floor, it still conceals any pipework and plumbing. As the pedestal doesn’t reach the floor it gives a sense of space in the bathroom, plus it’s much easier to clean the bathroom floor. Shop semi-pedestal basins »

Wall-Mounted Basins These basins tend to give a modern look as they are mounted to the wall and generally have exposed pipework. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they save space and maintain a sense of space. They can be positioned at any height you like, which is great for homes with children. Shop wall-mounted basins »

Corner Basins Corner basins have a triangular design which enables them to neatly slot in to a corner of your bathroom. You can find them in a variety of designs, the most popular being wall mounted with exposed pipework, and full pedestal basins that hide away any pipework. They are great for tight spaces like cloakrooms and ensuites.

Countertop Basins For the ultimate modern look choose a counter top basin. These basins sit upon a bathroom unit, countertop or shelf and appear to be simply resting in place. There’s no visible pipework or plumbing, it’s all concealed inside whatever the sink is resting upon. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making a real feature in the bathroom. Some may have tap holes and others will not have any, enabling you to mount a tap to the actual countertop. Shop countertop basins »

Semi-Recessed Basins These basins sit upon a countertop or bathroom unit with a sunken in look, as the basin partially sits within the countertop. The countertop is cut to shape with the sink fixed in to place using silicone. There’s no visible pipework or plumbing as its all neatly concealed in the cabinet below the sink. You’ll find both traditional and modern designs for semi-recessed basins.

Inset Basins An inset basin is mounted to the wall and sits completely within a bathroom unit, giving a clean finish. Pipework and plumbing will be concealed below, plus the bottom of the unit can be used for storage. These basins give your bathroom a clean and minimalist finish. Shop vanity unit basins »

Cloakroom Basins Cloakroom basins are particularly small and compact as they are intended to save on space for small bathrooms such as cloakrooms and ensuites. They are available in a variety of styles, including corner designs. Shop cloakroom basins »

Things to consider

Taps & Tap holes The finishing touch to your new basin. The design of the tap can really affect the overall style of your bathroom. There’s plenty to choose from, modern or traditional. Your chosen basin will either have one tap hole, two tap holes or none at all. If it has one tap hole, then you’ll need a mixer tap, where hot and cold water flow through a shared spout. If your basin has two tap holes then it can be fitted with a separate cold water tap and hot water tap. For basins without tap holes they will need wall mounted or freestanding taps, these tend to be used on countertop basins. Shop basin taps »

Wastes The waste is the channel through which water flows to your pipes. There are two types of wastes, slotted and un-slotted. If you have chosen a basin with an overflow hole then you’ll need a slotted waste. If you over fill your basin, water will run into the overflow and back through to the plumbing via the slots in the waste. Basins without an overflow, which tend to be vanity unit basins and countertop basins, have no use for a slotted waste, therefore an un-slotted waste can be used. Shop basin wastes »

Bottle traps If you’ve gone for a wall mounted basin then you’ll also need to purchase a bottle trap. This is where the water goes when you empty your basin before flowing through to the drainage pipe. The bottle trap fits neatly underneath the basin and there are a few styles to choose from, so you can match it to your basin. Shop bottle traps »

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