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Bath Buying Guide

There's nothing better than a nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day. But with hundreds of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from, where do you start? After all, a bath is a big investment and one of the largest items in your bathroom, so you want to make sure that you get one that's right for you. To help you decide we've created a helpful guide that explains the key factors you might want to consider before taking the plunge.

Types of Baths
When it comes to selecting a bath, the first thing to consider is how much space you have in your bathroom. This will help determine what type of bath is suitable for you. As a general rule, a freestanding bath will take up a lot more room than a straight design.

Standard Straight Baths The most popular type, these baths come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit both small and large bathrooms. They're designed to be fitted flush to a wall, helping you maximise the space in your bathroom. Straight baths need a side and end panel to add the finishing touch, which can be purchased separately. Shop standard straight baths »

Single-ended Straight Baths The tap ledge lies at the foot of the bath, which means you can unwind and melt your cares away, laid back in the gentle slope at the opposite end.Shop single-ended baths »

Double-ended Straight Baths The tap ledge lies along one side of the bath, leaving both ends free for you to lean back and relax, making it ideal for sharing a luxurious soak together or bathing the children. These baths can, but not always, be bigger than standard straight baths.Shop double-ended baths »

Shower bath Straight Baths A shower bath combines the practicality of a shower with the luxury of a bath, while only being slightly larger than a standard bath. They come in either a curved P or a straight-edged L shape to create a showering and bathing area in one.Shop shower baths »

Freestanding baths Often used to create a focal or centrepiece in the bathroom, freestanding baths can be either modern or traditional in their styling and can be floor standing or mounted on decorative feet. These also come in the option of a single and double-ended design.Shop freestanding baths »

Things to consider

Size and position Whether you’re doing a complete bathroom refit or just replacing your old bath, you’ll need precise measurements of your space to make sure the new one fits and you’ll need to make sure that you can get your selected bath to your bathroom i.e. will it fit through the doors, up the stairs and in the bathroom? You’ll also need to consider where your current hot and cold water comes through the bathroom and where applicable, where the waste water pipes are.

Taps and wasteTaps and waste aren’t included with any of our baths, which means you've the freedom to choose a tap style that best suits your taste. When it comes to choosing the taps, you should consider the style, shape and size of the bathroom. Bath mounted taps are more cost-effective and easier to install, whereas wall/floor standing taps work great with freestanding models but are a more expensive. All our baths come with an overflow therefore you’ll require a slotted bath waste, which need to be purchased separately. We offer a variety of slotted bath waste options to complement the style of your bath, including a minimalist click-clack, a simple pop-up or a traditional plug and chain.

Panels and screensIf you’re considering buying a straight bath, then you’ll also require a set of bath panels to complete the look and hide any exposed pipework underneath. A side panel covers the length of your bathtub, whereas the end panel covers the width. Be sure to check the full specifications of your chosen bath to find out which bath panels you need. If you’re planning on using the bath as a shower, then you’ll also need a bath screen or shower curtain to prevent any water from spraying onto the floor. Our bath screens are made from toughened glass for added peace of mind and come in a curved or square style to match your bath type. Shower curtains tend to be a lot cheaper but don’t provide the same clean, modern aesthetic as a bath screen.

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