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Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

Tops Tips before Buying a Fridge Freezer

  • Make sure you measure the height, depth and width of the space in your kitchen for an accurate measurement.
  • Account for the door opening, general access and location so you know your appliance will be practical to use.
  • Ensure there is ventilation of at least 2cm around the top and sides of the appliance.
  • If you are considering an appliance that needs plumbing, make sure you can install it within 1.5m of the nearest water source.

What type of fridge freezer do you want?

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

Freestanding washing machines

Freestanding Fridge Freezers offer a tall design for complete storage in a single appliance. We have a wide range of widths to accommodate all households and kitchens.

The type and the amount of food that you buy can dictate if you need more fridge space or need more freezer space. Fridge Freezers that have the fridge on top are best if you tend to use more fresh food as it is easier to access. If you use more frozen food, then a fridge freezer with a freezer on top would be more convenient. We have a wide range of colours, styles, sizes and brands to suit your home.

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Integrated Fridge Freezers

Integrated washing machines

Integrated Fridge Freezers create a sleek, seamless look for your kitchen. We have a wide range of widths and heights to ensure you can find the right appliance to fit in your kitchen. There are two different door fixings, Door on Door and the Sliding Rail.

Door on Door means that the appliance is attached to the fridge by a bracket. There is only one set of hinges which are a part of the fridge door itself.

The Sliding Door has a rail across the inside of the cabinet door, which the fridge door sits in. As the door is opened, the appliance door slides along the rail. This mechanism uses two sets of hinges: one for the furniture door and one for the appliance door.

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Capacity and Type

Fridge Freezer Split

Fridge Freezer Split

Ensure that you choose the proportion of fridge freezer split according to whether you want to store mostly fresh groceries, keep your food frozen or need easy access to the fridge/freezer. A 70/30 split will give you plenty of fridge space, a 60/40 split gives you more freezer space and the 50/50 split gives you the best of both worlds.

Freezer on Top

Freezer On Top

Having the freezer on top of the fridge freezer is perfect if you want to reach your frozen goods with ease, but bear in mind that you will have to crouch to get your fresh groceries from the lower shelves and the salad crisper drawers.

Freezer on Bottom

Freezer On Bottom

Having the fridge on the top of the appliance means that all of your fresh groceries will be eye level for easy access; and since frozen food is used less often there is less need to crouch for your food.

Freezer System

Freezer System

Many of our freezers have frost free technology to make maintenance easier and store your food more safely.

Frost Free Freezers prevent the build-up of ice inside your freezer so there is no need to manually defrost your appliance. This system help prevents freezer burn, so there is no need to throw away groceries unnecessarily.

Fridge Freezers that use low frost systems also help to speed up defrosting by reducing the ice build-up on your food.

Freshness of Food

Fresher for Longer

Fresher for Longer

This feature allows you to create the optimum humidity to slow down bacterial growth, reduce bad odours and preserve vital nutrients in fresh food such as meat and vegetables.

Fast Chill and Freeze

Fast Chill and Freeze

This feature rapidly cools new items to ensure that your groceries stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This is perfect for when you come back from the shops and you need to chill your goods quickly.

Flexible Temperature Zones

Flexible Temperature Zones

These Compartments can be switched between fridge and freezer at the touch of a button; You can also choose from different temperatures to freeze or refrigerate your food.


Low Power Lighting

Low-Power Lighting

The low-power lighting feature is brighter and more energy efficient allowing you to see everything in your fridge.

Holiday Mode

Holiday Mode

Holiday mode is an innovative function that maintains and economical empty fridge temperature while keeping the freezer on.

Digital Controls

Digital Controls

The digital controls (LED and LCD displays, external touch controls and thermostats) help keep your fridge running at the right temperature to ensure your food stays fresh.

Warning Alarm

Warning Alarm

The warning alarm alerts you when the appliance isn’t closed or when internal temperatures are higher than is safe.


Energy Rating

Energy Rating

All fridge Freezers receive an energy efficiency grade, ranging from A+++ to G:

A+ to A+++ can give you up to 50% in energy savings

A+ to A++ can give you up to 20% in energy savings

A to A+ can give you up to 10% in energy savings

Energy Saving Tip:

• Regularly defrost your freezer or purchase a frost free version

• Locate your fridge/freezer in an area with low ambient temperatures i.e. away from radiators, cookers or from direct sunlight

• Always close the appliance door

Door on Door Hinge and Sliding Rail Hinge

If you have never previously had an integrated fridge freezer, then you can choose between both hinge types and the fridge freezer will be fit accordingly into your kitchen.

If you are replacing an old integrated fridge freezer, then you will need to look at what hinge your current fridge has; Is it a door on door hinge (see GIF on the left) or a sliding door hinge (see GIF on the right). You will then have to choose a fridge freezer with the same door hinge.

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