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The Washing Machine Buying Guide

Your complete buying guide with everything you need to know to buy a washing machine.

Freestanding vs Integrated


Freestanding washing machines

A freestanding washing machine is the most common type of washing machine and can be placed anywhere as long as there is a plug socket and it is connected to a drain.

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Integrated washing machines

Integrated washing machines are fixed in and designed to fit into one of your kitchen units and hide behind the unit door.

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laundry pile


Larger drum sizes such as 10-13kg are ideal for large households with higher volumes of washing or bulkier items (such as duvets and curtains). For medium-sized households drums with 7-9kg capacity are perfect and those smaller homes 6kg and under will do the job nicely.

Spin Speed

spin cycle

Washing machine spin speeds are typically between 1000 and 1600rpm. RPM stands for "revolutions per minute" - the higher the number the faster the drum spins. Faster spins such as 1400-1600rpm will extract more water, leaving the clothes dryer when they come out of the machine. Which means less time on the washing line!

Energy Rating

energy chart

All of our Washing Machines are rated between A+++ (best efficiency) down to ‘A’. The higher the energy rating the more you will save on household bills as they consume less water and electricity.

Shop all A+++ Washing Machines here.

Useful Programmes

Modern washing machines are jam-packed with programmes and functions, which makes washing your clothes a breeze. Below we have listed some of the useful ones to look out for.

Cottons and Synthetics

Many have separate programmes for cottons and synthetics. Cottons programmes are often hotter, while synthetics run at lower temperatures as they need a more delicate wash. Tailored programmes like these will ensure your clothing is washed correctly.

Temperature Programmes

All washing machines come with temperature settings so you can tailor the wash to the load. Higher temperatures such as 60° can be used as they are better at removing stains whereas lower temperatures such as 20° use less energy and are kinder to your utility bills.

Delay Start

This function enables you to choose when the washing machine starts the cycle. So you can do the washing around your schedule.


These programmes help reduce the amount of creases that form, so less time spent at the ironing board.

Quick Wash

Quick Wash Programmes are also a great addition to any washing machine. This function shortens the cycle length, which can be as quick as 14 minutes.

This is ideal when you need a small amount of lightly soiled clothing washed quickly for those special occasions.

Connection Service

For a small extra charge, we will disconnect your old freestanding appliance, connect the new one and make sure it works. We can also take away your old appliance for recycling.
Call 0871 984 4416 for details.

24 Hour Delivery Service

Need it by tomorrow? No need to worry. We have a wide range of washing machines available for next day delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

» Are washing machines cold fill?

Most modern washing machines are now cold fill as it is more energy efficient and they deliver better wash results especially with biological detergents.

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» How much do washing machines cost to run?

It all depends on the energy rating of your appliance on average a washing machine will add £34 to your energy bills with some costing as little as £20 a year.

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» I need a quiet washing machine; how do I know if it is quiet?

If you are looking for a quieter washing machine check out a washing machines decibels rating (db) by looking in our technical specification section on the product page. Anything below 55db is considered quiet for a washing machine.

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Top Tips

Don't overload your washing machine!

When they are too full, water and detergent won't reach everything. Dirt will get trapped, meaning your clothes won't clean!

Guesstimating how much detergent to use.

Follow your detergent's guidelines to ensure you are using the correct amount. Getting the amount wrong decreases cleaning results.

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