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Vacuum Cleaners

A Guide To Floor Care

There are several different types of floor care products, each offering different benefits. To help find the right type for your home checks out our handy list below:

Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuum

Uprights vacuums are ideal for larger homes, especially those with a lot of carpeted areas. The brush will lift trodden in dirt and they are great for houses with pets.

Cylinder Vacuums

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These vacuums tend to be smaller and lighter, great for smaller homes. Cylinder vacuums work well on hard floors and are good for manoeuvring around furniture, cleaning stairs and upholstery.

Stick Cleaners

stick vacuum cleaners

Ideal for smaller homes. Stick vacuums are easy to use and generally lighter than other upright vacuums. They are good for wooden flooring and short carpet. Stick vacuums are cordless, making them even easier to manoeuvre around the home.

Cordless Vacuums

Cordless Vacuums

Light and battery-powered, cordless vacuums are great for a quick clean and for small areas in the home. Being cordless you are able to use them almost anywhere.

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners provide hygienic cleaning using steam. They are highly versatile with the ability to clean a variety of surfaces including; carpets, hard floors, tiles, upholstery, windows and even ovens.

Robot Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

These nifty compact models are ideal for keeping on top of the cleaning. Set a robotic vacuum up and let it travel around your space picking up dust and dirt. Reducing your time spent on cleaning.


What features do I need?

Cable Length

Vacuum Cable Length

Cable length varies with different vacuum models. If you have a larger house then you should consider opting for a longer length to reduce the times you re-plug your vacuum as you clean through your house


Vacuum Weight

The larger the litre capacity of the vacuum the less often you will need to empty it. Those with larger homes should opt for a larger capacity.


Vacuum Weight

If your home has a lot of stairs or you find vacuuming your home quiet strenuous you should consider a lighter model or perhaps a model with longer tubes and appropriate attachments to avoid lifting the vacuum up the stairs. Cylinder and stick vacuums tend to be the lighter choice.


Vacuum Weight

Vacuum power is measured in wattage, the higher wattage number the better the suction. Wattage needs to be considered more when going for a cylinder model as the dirt has further to travel to reach the bag or canister.


Vacuum Weight

Bagless vacuums collect dust and dirt within a canister which you then empty with no fuss. Bagless vacuums also save you money as you won’t have the additional cost of buying new bags. Bagged vacuums tend to offer a larger capacity for collecting dirt and can be a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers as they won’t come in to contact with any of the allergens when emptying the vacuum.


Vacuum Weight

Stage filters – Filtering out the dust in stages. A typical vacuum has four stages; a double skinned bag, a filter between the motor and bag and a final filter.
Lifetime filters – Lasting the entire lifespan of the vacuum cleaner, without needing to be changed. Generally lasting between seven and ten years.
HEPA – The ideal option for allergy sufferers as these filters capture the smallest of dirt particles.
Charcoal – Great for pet owners as these filters include an extra charcoal layer that works to neutralise unpleasant odours.


Accessories explained

Most vacuums come equipped with accessories to make cleaning easier, certain accessories will suit different homes. When purchasing your vacuum look out for accessories that would benefit your home:

Crevice tool

This tool is ideal for collecting dirt from difficult areas such as skirting boards and corners.

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Dusting brush

Small with bristles this tool is great for collecting dust and dirt from a variety of surfaces such as curtains and blinds.

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Upholstery tool

Perfectly shaped to run smoothly across upholstered areas, effectively picking up dust and dirt gently.

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Turbo brush

The perfect solution for pet owners this high powered brush is ideal for picking up stubborn pet hair.

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Extension wand

Long and slim this tool is ideal for reaching up high, collection cobwebs in celling corners and reaching underneath or behind furniture.

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Carpet cleaner explained

Unsure whether a carpet cleaner is your grime-fighting match? No worries! Think of them as specialised vacuum cleaners on steroids. Combine cleaning solution and powerful suction to tackle dirt where your standard vacuum falls short. They come in diverse styles, from compact spot cleaners used for quick spills. To full-fledged upright carpet cleaning machines for deep-down sanitisation. Discover the features of each model. From the nimble and cordless Vax SpotWash. Which is perfect for quick clean-ups and upholstery. To the robust Shark CarpetXpert with its DuoClean technology for a deep, revitalising clean. Whether you're a busy pet owner battling fur-covered carpets or a spill-prone family facing the wrath of accidental stains. There's a carpet cleaner suited to your needs. Ready to transform your carpets from drab to fab? Dive into our cleaning arsenal and find your perfect match!


Frequently asked questions

What’s the best floor care solution if I have pets?

There are numerous vacuum models which have been designed especially for pet owners, these tend to be upright models. They may often have high speed brush bars and a powerful suction. It is also a good idea to look for a vacuum which has a turbo tool accessory as these are perfect for digging deep in to the carpet pile to capture stubborn pet hair.

I have hard-flooring, what type of vacuum should I buy?

If the majority of your home has wooden or hard flooring the best options are a cylinder vacuum or a stick vacuum. This is because these models generally do not have heavy beater brushes that can in some cases damage hard flooring. It is in most cases upright models that have beater brushes, however there are numerous upright models which now have a switch to change the brushes to be more appropriate for hard flooring. Steam cleaners are also an excellent option for hard flooring as they hygienically clean the surface with steam and bring out the floors natural sheen.

I have a lot of stairs in my house what type of vacuum should I buy?

For homes with a lot of stairs or where the vacuum needs to be lifted frequently cylinder or cordless vacuums may be best suited. These vacuum types are known to be lighter, more compact and easier to transport around the home.

Can I use a steam cleaner for anything other than floor care?

Steam cleaners are highly versatile appliances and can be used on a vast amount of surfaces. From hard flooring and windows to ovens and clothing, you can use the steam cleaner on almost any type of surface you can think of.

I suffer badly from allergies what type of vacuum should I look for?

Those with bad allergies should opt for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter as they will capture 99% of allergens. Vacuums with bags are also a good choice as you won’t come in to contact with any dust which can happen when emptying a bagless model.


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