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Washer Dryer Buying Guide

We have put this handy guide together using our knowledge of Washer Dryers to help you choose the best one for you.

What's new?

Washer Dryers now offer more than ever before!
Thanks to smart technology and advanced features, that makes laundry less of a chore.


Smart Connectivity

Put control in the palm of your hand thanks to smart connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or NFC which can give you:

➧ Remote control from your smartphone or tablet

➧ Access to additional special cycles, features plus useful guides and tips

➧ Maintenance updates and reminders to preserve your washer

➧ Some models are also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home

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Auto Dosing

Auto Dosing

Clever technology automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent and/or fabric conditioner for each load. Which offers:

➧ Optimal cleaning for each load and consistent cleaning results

➧ No wastage of detergent of fabric softener

➧ Helps keep clothes looking and feeling there best

➧ Reduces environmental impact and helps save your money

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Features and/or cycles offer enhanced cleaning performance by using steam, which offers such benefits as:

➧ Improved stain removal with deeper fabric cleaning

➧ Reduction in wrinkling and creasing, making for easy ironing

➧ Removal of odours, keeping clothes fresh

➧ Elimination of bacteria, germs and allergens, offering more hygienic results

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Quick Wash

Quick Wash

Enjoy faster and more time-efficient washing cycles.

➧ Perfect for when you're in a rush or have only a few items to wash

➧ Uses less water and energy, which can lower costs on your utility bills

➧ Designed to clean clothes in a fraction of the time compared to regular cycles

➧ Quick wash cycles range from 1 hour down to as little as just 14 minutes

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energy ratings

Energy efficiency rating

Washer Dryer’s have two energy efficiency ratings ranging from A-Class down to G-Class, the higher the energy class the more efficiently it preforms. One for Wash Cycles, shown on the right of the appliances enery label, and one for Wash and Dry Cycles, shown on the left of the energy label.
Higher efficiency washers not only benefit the environment but also help to save you money on your bills.
If you’re looking for a washer that offers both efficiency and cost savings, look no further than our range of energy efficient Washer Dryers.

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More handy features



Great for suffer from allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin. Endorsed by Allergy UK, up to 99.9% of allergens are removed from laundry, as well as common bacteria.

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Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning

Washers can feature self-cleaning drums or detergent draws, which helps prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and detergent residue, offering my hygienic washing as well as reducing the need for manual cleaning.

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10kg and over

Quiet noise levels

Quiet-running washers operate at lower noise levels, compared to regular washers, so they don't disturb your quiet time. Offering a more peaceful laundry experience.

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Delay Timer

Delay Timer

Gain control over your laundry schedule with the convenience of a delay timer option. This feature gives you the time saving options and flexibility. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to a more adaptable and efficient laundry routine.

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Spin Speed

Spin Speed

Why is spin speed important? Lower spin speeds are ideal when washing delicate items or trainers. Whereas higher spin speeds remove more water helping clothes to dry quicker.
The spin speed refers to the rotational speed of the Washer Dryer’s drum, measured by revolutions per minute (RPM). Speeds can range from 400rpm up to the super-fast 1600rpm.

Load weight detection

Sensors & Kilo Detection

Sensors inside the Washer Dryer can detect the weight of the laundry load before the start of a cycle and then adjusts the of water, temperatures and energy used, as well as the time duration for a more efficient washing and drying.

Wash Load Capacity

7kg and under

7kg and under

Ideal for doing those daily loads.

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8kg and 9kg

8kg and 9kg

Large capacities, ideal for busy households.

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10kg and over

10kg and over

Extra-large capacity to effortlessly handle any load.

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What's the best fit?



Freestanding Washer Dryers can be easily moved and installed and come in a range of colours such as Black, Grey and Silver as well as White, so they suit your style.

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Built-in Washer Dryers become a seamless part of the overall design of your kitchen, with no visible appliance disrupting the visual flow.

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Other things to consider



Warranties cover your Washer Dryer during a set period and mean you’ll be able to get it repaired, or even replaced, for free if anything were to go wrong, giving you extra peace of mind.


Installation & Recycle

We offer services that make getting your new Washer Dryer up and running a breeze. Our installation option is especially helpful with integrated models.
Take a closer look at our full range of services Here »

Frequently asked questions

  • Do washer dryers need a vent?

      Washer dryers are condenser dryers, which use a condensation process to remove moisture from clothes, and then drain the condensed water away. So Washer Dryers do not need a vent.

  • Can I run Wash only or Dry only cycles?

      Yes, you can wash or dry clothes separately.
      So, if as example, it’s a nice sunny day you don’t have to run a dry cycle after your wash, you can just hang the clothes out instead.
      Or if you just need to dry some items, you can also choose specific dry only cycles.

  • Can a washer dryer be used in a garage?

      Yes, a washer dryer can be kept and used in a garage.
      But, it is advised that the garage should be at least 10°C for the washer dryer to operate properly.
      If the garage is colder than 10°C, you may need to install a space heater to keep the temperature up.

  • Are washer dryers all cold fill?

      No, not all washer dryers are cold fill. There are still some washer dryers that have a hot water connection, but these are becoming increasingly rare. The vast majority of washer dryers on the market are now cold fill only.

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