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The Oven Buying Guide

Ovens are repeatedly the corner stone of the kitchen. In a wide range of sizes, types, and fuels it has become overwhelming and frequently difficult to know which oven is right for your lifestyle and your kitchen.

To help you out, we have broken it down into the basics in our straightforward Oven Buying Guide!

What’s the difference between an Oven and a Cooker?

Put simply, a cooker is freestanding, and an oven is built into your kitchen.

Because a cooker is freestanding, it has both a main cooking unit, plus a set of either gas or electric hobs on the top.

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An oven on the other hand, because it’s built-in, is just the cooking unit - which means you have the option of buying a hob or not, depending on what you cook, and depending on your kitchen space.

Step 1 - What oven should I buy?

Take a look at the ovens below to choose the best solution for your kitchen.


built-in oven

Built-in ovens are placed in column cabinets at eye-level, making it easier to take hot food out rather than bending down to retrieve dishes.

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built-under oven

These ovens go underneath your countertop and fit alongside your kitchen cabinets, making your oven integrated and subtle in your kitchen.

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Single Oven

single oven

Single ovens can be built-in or built-under, with just one oven space. Often coming with multiple functions, this type of oven is ideal if you’re short on space or only need a small oven.

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Double Oven

double oven

Firstly decide where in your kitchen you would like your oven to be placed, as double ovens are designed to be either built in or built under they are not transferable. Built in double ovens are positioned into a column at eye level and built under will sit below your worktop.

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Step 2 – Which fuel type should I buy?

gas oven control

Gas fuelled ovens are the cheapest to cook with, providing a fast and responsive heat. Running by hot air circulation from a flame or gas burner at the rear of the base, this fuel is suited to all types of food.

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electric oven control

Electric fuelled ovens are great for an even heat distribution throughout the oven. Heating to a more accurate temperature, you can be sure it will cook your food quickly and correctly.

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Step 3 – What features do I need?

Many ovens come with handy features; the most common have been explained below:


steam oven

Steam fuelled ovens boil water to create a cloud of steam inside the main cooking zone to cook your food. It retains a lot of the natural moisture and flavour in the food, so that you’re not likely to have burnt, dry meals!

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Compact Ovens

compact oven

Measuring only 46cm, compact ovens are perfect for kitchens where space is limited or one person cooking. Coming with both oven and grilling functions, these ovens are small in space but big in potential.


grill oven

Grills provide an added variety to your cooking style and deliver a nice flavour. From cuts of meat, to cheese on toast, the grill will help towards some truly tasty meals!


fan-assisted oven

For the more speedy or hungry of us, a fan-assisted oven speeds up cooking 10 minutes for every hour producing food cooked to the same temperature and high standard - only quicker!


catalytic ovenpyrolytic oven

There are two types of self-cleaning ovens: one has catalytic liners (usually of a rough, grey-speckled appearance) that absorb grease and fat splashes, the second is a pyrolytic oven which burns any stray cooking bits, leaving only a little pile of ash for you to sweep away.

Both will save you time and elbow-grease scrubbing out cemented food from the oven!

To help you decide what oven you want, here is a reminder of the key things you need to be thinking about when purchasing an oven:

What type of oven do I need?
Built-in Built-under Single Double Compact
What type of fuel do I need?
Gas Electric Steam
What extra features would I like?
Grills Self-Cleaning Fan

Frequently asked questions

» Can I get an electric oven and a gas hob?

Yes as Ovens and Hobs are independent appliances, you can choose any combination of fuel type. We offer a range of Oven and Hobs packs click here to see more.

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» How much does it cost to install an oven and a hob?

We offer an installation service if you would like more information take a look here or call 0871 984 4416.

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» Are ovens different sizes?

The standard width size of most ovens is 60cm, heights of ovens can vary depending on the number of ovens. It is always best make sure if you are replacing an existing appliance that you measure the space which the appliance will sit in your kitchen.

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» Where does my oven need to be positioned?

When choosing a location for your new oven it is extremely important that it is positioned near the fuel supply. A single oven can be positioned either built in or built under.

However if you would like a double oven you need to decide where you would like to position the oven in your kitchen before you choose your oven. Double ovens are made to be specifically built in which would be placed at head height in a column to blend in with your existing kitchen cupboards. They are also designed to be built under which would sit under your worktop.

Double oven

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» What does oven capacity mean?

Oven capacity is the size of the cavity which will be used to cook your food. If you are cooking for one or two then you will not need a large oven capacity, however if you have a family or you like to entertain you would need a larger oven capacity. We have ovens that range from under 30L to above 80L.

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» Do electric ovens have a plug?

Due to the amount of electricity which is used to power an oven it is advised that ovens should be hard wired.

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» Can I fit an induction hob over and oven?

When fitting an induction hob over a double oven please make sure enough space is left for ventilation.

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» Do you sell Sabbath Mode ovens?

Yes, we do! Please visit our Sabbath Mode page to see all appliances with the Sabbath mode feature.

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