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Washer dryers are great for saving space, plus you can go straight from washing to drying. Whether you’re after a spacious machine for the family home, a quiet one to wash late into the night or a highly energy efficient machine, we have plenty of freestanding and integrated models to suit every home. We’ve put together a quick guide to aid you when shopping, so you have a better understanding of what features to look out for.


There are different types of washer dryers which vary dependent on their installation, use and suitability.




As long as you have a plug socket, water supply and drain in the proximity, freestanding washer dryers can be placed anywhere in the home, which is why they tend to be the most popular choice. Washer dryers have a standard width between 595-600mm, making installing and replacing them easier. When it comes to installation, you’ll need to keep in mind that you need to leave space for pipes and the machine will need a 4-5mm clearance on the back and sides.

Top Tips

Remember when washing and drying the load capacity will differ. For example the machine could have an 8kg wash capacity but only a 6kg drying capacity.

A drying cycle needs more free space in the drum to tumble items for efficient drying, so it’s best not to cram the machine too full.



Integrated washer dryers are great for a seamless kitchen look. They’re nice and discreet, sitting between your kitchen cabinets and behind a cupboard door. Just like freestanding machines they’ll need to be placed near a power socket, water supply and drain. They also have a standard width between 595-600mm. When installing an integrated washer dryer, keep in mind that you need to leave space for pipes and the machine will need a 4-5mm clearance on the back and sides.

Top Tips

For quality washing results you should never over fill your machine and try not to guestimate when it comes to adding detergent!

If you over fill the machine, water and detergent won’t be able to reach everything and dirt will get trapped and remain on your laundry. Getting detergent levels wrong can also decrease cleaning results, it’s best to follow the instructions.


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Capacity refers to how much laundry can fit within the drum. A washer dryer with an 8kg washing capacity can wash around 40 T-shirts, where as its drying capacity may only be 6kg, which is around 30 T-shirts. Machines with a 7kg wash capacity tend to be adequate for the average home.

Energy Rating

Washer dryers are rated between A+++ to C for energy efficiency. The higher the rating the more economical the machine is and the more money it will save you on your energy bills.

Clever Sensor

Some washer dryers have different types of sensor technology, where the machine can detect the weight of the laundry and adjust the programme, settings and time for both washing and drying to deliver better and more efficient results.

Steam wash

Some washer dryers have steam functionality. Steam delivers intensive cleaning as the steam can get deeper into the fabric and work harder on dirt, making it great for stubborn stains. Steam cycles use less water which means less energy is needed, so they’ll save you money on energy bills too.

Noise Level

Noise level is measured in decibels. The lower the rating, the quieter the washer dryer. 40dB equates to the noise in a public library, whereas 80dB equates to the noise of a ringing phone.


Make sure to measure your available space carefully. Keep in mind that you will need a 4-5mm clearance to the back and sides of your machine for both freestanding and integrated models.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is measured in kWh based on a full load washing and drying cycle. Lower energy consumption is ideal for saving money on your energy bills. The drying cycle will consume more energy, so reducing the amount of drying you do will also help to save more money.


To make things easier for you we offer a connection service for our washer dryers. Take a closer look at the details on our installation service here »


What is the standard size for a washer dryer?

Washer dryers all tend to be roughly the same size for an easy fit in your home. Usually measuring 850mm (height) x 600mm (width) x 600mm (depth). It can vary by a couple of millimetres, it all depends on the manufacturer.

Are washer dryers all cold fill?

Washer dryers with a hot and cold fill are still available, however most washer dryers now are generally cold fill only. This makes them more energy efficient whilst delivering better washing results, especially when using biological detergent.

How much do washer dryers cost to run?

It all depends on the washer dryer’s energy rating and how much you use it for both washing and drying. The better the energy efficiency rating the more money you’ll save, Washer dryers can cost as little as £60 per year to run, up to £150 per year, but this doesn’t mean the performance of each will match.

I need a quiet washer dryer, how do I know if it is quiet?

A washer dryer’s noise level is measured in decibels, it will have a rating for washing and one for drying. The lower the decibel rating the quieter it will be. Anything below 55dB is considered quiet.

Do washer dryers need a vent?

All washer dryers are condenser dryers, so water from your laundry will be drained away and a vent will not be needed.

Do washer dryers have a fluff filter?

All washer dryers have a filter which catches fluff and bits of debris when drying. You need to remember to clean the filter regularly as it can affect the machine, drying process and your energy bills.

Can a washer dryer be used in a garage?

It is not advised to place a washer dryer in the garage due to the low temperatures garages can reach. Just like a condenser dryer, washer dryers are condensing and will not operate properly in temperatures below 5°C. Only vented tumble dryers can operate sufficiently in low temperatures.

Do you deliver to my address?

We deliver all across the UK, 6 days a week, 7am till 8pm. We can even offer next day delivery. It’s really easy to check if we deliver to your address. Once you’ve picked out a washing machine you like, on that page there will be a delivery drop down section, here you can see your options and search your post code. Or if you’ve put the dryer into your basket already you can check your post code here too and all delivery options will be listed. For more information regarding our delivery services, click here

Can you recycle my old appliance?

>We certainly can recycle your old appliance. Once you add your chosen washing machine to basket you’ll see there is an option to add the recycling service to your basket too, this does have a small additional charge. Check out our recycling service ».

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