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American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

American Style Fridge Freezers are the ultimate style statement for your kitchen; while being sleek and stylish, these fridge freezers offer you twice the space on an average fridge freezer. They are great for large families and offer a wide range of unique features, such as icemakers, home bar and chilled water on tap.

Look for our Top 5 American Fridge Freezers when you browse the range, picked especially for you.

Getting a Fridge Freezer into your home

When it comes to buying an American style Fridge Freezer the first thing you should consider is the size of it. After all, if you can't get the fridge freezer inside your house then it could just become an oversized piece of garden furniture. With this in mind, it's important to consider the following:



It's fair to say that American Fridge Freezers are pretty big, but just how big are they? On average your typical American Fridge Freezers can measure anything between:
Width: 70 – 100cm wide
Depth: 60 – 80cm deep
Height: 160 – 180cm tall

Exact dimensions can be found within the description of the product web page, so be sure to check them in relation to the kitchen space into which you intend to place the unit.

TOP TIP: Don't forget to leave enough room for ventilation. This varies depending on manufacturer, but we suggest you leave a 5cm gap at the back and a 2cm gap around the top and sides.

Can it fit in my house?

Once you've measured the area for it to fit in your kitchen, you'll then want to map the best route for the fridge to take from delivery van to your desired location.

PLEASE NOTE: All American style fridge freezers are doorstep or garage delivery only, so you'll need someone strong & handy who can see to the rest!

TOP TIP: It's a good idea to measure any doorways, hallways and corners that the fridge will have to pass through. Remember to consider any steps along the route.

Can the fridge doors open fully?


Now there's little point in having an American Fridge freezer if you're not able to take full advantage of all the generous storage space. It's therefore a good idea to find an area in your kitchen that provides enough room for you to open the Fridge freezer doors by at least 90 degrees, so you can enjoy quick and easy access to all your groceries.

Does it need plumbing in?

If you're considering buying an American Fridge freezer with a built-in ice/water dispenser then you'll want to check whether it's a plumbed-in or non-plumbed model. Non plumbed fridges can be positioned anywhere, however a plumbed-in model needs to be within 1.5 meters of a water source.

Style of Fridge Freezers

Side by Side


This classic American Fridge Freezer design offers access to both an upright fridge and freezer behind two full-length doors. This style boasts a large interior with storage shelves and compartments in the doors.
See our Side by Side American Fridge Freezers

French Door

French Door Fridge Freezers

This particular design combines a freezer drawer-style system at the bottom with a double door fridge at the top. Our customers love the full width storage space throughout and eye level access to their fridge contents.
See our French Door American Fridge Freezers

Four Door

Four Door Fridge Freezers

This variant of the French door design combines a double door freezer at the bottom with a double door fridge at the top. This lets you open one door at a time to avoid cold air escaping - saving you money on your energy bills.
See our Four Door American Fridge Freezers

Features to look out for

Frost Free

Prevents build-up of ice so you don't have to waste time manually defrosting the freezer. It ensures the fridge freezer running at optimum performance for longer.
See all our Frost Free American Fridge Freezers

Sparkling Water Dispenser

If you're tired of lugging around bottles of sparking water then this feature is perfect for you. It lets you enjoy your little bit of fizz at the touch of a button directly from the built-in dispenser.
See our American Fridge Freezer with Sparkling Water Dispenser

Ice Dispenser

Stay cool all year round with instant access to ice directly from the built-in dispenser. Many models even give you the option of dispensing crushed or cubed ice.
See all our American Fridge Freezers with an Ice Dispenser

Water and Ice Dispensers

You can enjoy an instant glass of ice-cold water or get ice on tap with your chosen beverage with a built in dispenser! Some American Style Fridge Freezers can dispense crushed ice too, perfect for cocktails!
See all American Fridge Freezers with Water and Ice Dispensers

American Fridge Freezer Capacity

Fridge freezer capacity is measured in litres. The more litres your fridge has, the more food you'll be able to fit in it, and the less time you have to go shopping. Thankfully, American Fridge Freezers come with an abundance of storage capacity for you to get the most out of them. Here's a quick reference to help you decide which would be best suited for you.

200 Litres: Should suit a household of one or two people - holds up to 11 Shopping Bags
400 Litres: Better suited for a family of 2 or 3 - holds up to 22 Shopping Bags
600 Litres: Perfect for a family of 4 - holds up to 33 Shopping Bags
700 Litres and above: Ideal for large families over 5 people - holds up to 38 Shopping Bags

Energy Rating

Fridge Freezers operate 24/7, so it makes complete sense to find a model that doesn't cost you the earth to operate. Considering the size of an American Fridge Freezer you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it can cost as little as 15p a day to run. All our American style Fridge Freezers come with an energy rating between A to A+++. The higher the rating, the more money you'll save on your energy bills and the better it'll be for the environment. It's win-win!

Energy Rating

TOP TIP: Regularly defrost your freezer or purchase a frost-free version and cut out the hassle of defrosting altogether. Position the fridge freezer away from radiators, cookers and direct sunlight.

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