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What is the best BBQ for 2019?

A Barbecue Buying Guide from Appliances Direct

BBQs buying guide barbecue buying guide top featured image

If you’ve found yourself asking “which barbecue should I buy this summer?” you’re certainly not alone. Choosing between the various models, styles and fuel options can feel quite overwhelming, so we’ve put together this nifty little buying guide to help you find your perfect grill. Are you ready to turn up the heat this summer?

Should I choose gas, charcoal or electric?

When it comes to picking the right barbecue, it’s worth considering your fuel-type – be that gas, charcoal or electric. Some models only use one fuel, while others have a multi-fuel functionality; allowing you to whip up a range of foods to suit various pallets and preferences.

Gas BBQsLearn more
Charcoal BBQsLearn more
Electric BBQsLearn more

What are the different styles of BBQ?

SmokerLearn more
Kettle / EggLearn more
PortableLearn more
CoveredLearn more
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» Is a gas barbecue better than a charcoal one?

Charcoal barbecues tend to be more affordable. With these, you need to wait for the flames to die down before cooking; however, the traditional smoky taste is always worth the wait.

Gas barbecues are easier to use and control but can be more expensive. They're also quick to light and let you to start cooking in minutes.

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» What is the best BBQ grill?

• For style, – choose the electriQ 18 Inch Ceramic Kamado Style EIQEGG. It’s self-cleaning, will heat up quickly and lasts for many years while costing less than the leading brands. VIEW

• For function, – pick the Texas Outdoor Elite BBQ Kitchen EIQBBQKIT2. It’s a complete kitchen for your garden and allows you to prepare, cook and wash food in the sunshine. VIEW

• For value, – see the Charcoal American Grill IQBQCAMERICAN. This American-style charcoal grill with chimney smoker makes traditional barbecuing even easier.VIEW

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» What is the best Gas BBQ?

Check out The Alabama Elite IQBBQ6BSS – for a premium barbecue with a double skin lid, and enough space to cook for at least ten people. VIEW

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» What is the best Electric BBQ?

Take a look at the Outdoor Electric Compact BBQ EIQELECBBQ, – for easy cooking at the flick of a switch. VIEW

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» What is the best Charcoal BBQ?

Cook all year round with the electriQ 18 Inch Ceramic Kamado Style Kettle Egg. – Its high-quality grill is built to last and ready to use in 15 minutes. VIEW

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» What extras should I buy for a BBQ?

Some of our barbecues come with great add-ons; from utensil sets to charcoal starters, and from pizza pans to covers. Over time, you may wish to buy additional extras, we recommend:

Charcoal lumpwood this is better for Egg BBQs (Get it here)

• Woodchips (Get it here)

• Propane gas cylinder (Get it here)

• Lighter fluid (Get it here)

• An apron to protect your clothes

• A grill basket

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» What size BBQ do i need?

Every barbecue has a cooking area which is measured in square centimetres (cm²). As a rough guide:

• Up to 1800cm² caters for up to four people

• Between 2000cm² and 2500cm² caters for up to six people

• Barbecues over 2500cm² cater for eight or more people

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» What is the best way to care for my BBQs

Most of our barbecues come with a free cover to protect them from the outside elements. In addition to using your cover, you can care for your BBQ by:

• Charcoal - Removing the grill racks and scrubbing the residue with a wire brush. Next, take a scouring pad to further clean, then wipe dry with a cloth. Use a trowel to scoop away the remaining ashes, then use oven cleaner to eliminate any grease or built-up dirt.

• Gas - Clean the rack, lid, drip trays and gas burners while warm. Then, take a scouring pad and wash the outside with soap and water. Once dry, place the cover over your barbecue to protect from bad weather.

• Electric - Making sure your barbecue is unplugged, scrub the grill plates with a scouring brush while still warm. If the grill has a removable liner, take it out and scrape away any excess food, then wipe with a sponge. Next, remove the grates, leave them to soak, then scrub until clean. Finally, wipe the outside of the barbecue with a damp cloth to remove grease. And once a year, soak the grates in a vinegar and baking soda solution for a deep cleanse.

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» Where should I store my BBQ?

• Kettle/egg – Leave to cool, remove the ash, then clean and cover. This barbecue can be left outside all year round, but try to keep it sheltered from strong winds.

• Kitchen – Being large and heavy, these barbecues can be challenging to store inside. If you can’t store it in a shed, place yours in a sheltered position, and make sure it’s properly dry before covering to prevent rust from developing.

• Charcoal – Remove any ash, then store in a shed. If you don’t have a shed, remember to cover it and protect from the elements.

• Gas – Remove cooking grids, burners and any other detachable components; then, when it’s clean and dry, store under a cover. Remember to remove the propane gas and store separately

• Electric – Once your grill is dry and clean, cover and store in a cool, dry place. Preferably inside and under a cover, so the electrics don’t get wet or damaged

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» I will use my BBQ everyday, what is the best one for me?

The electriQ 18 Inch Ceramic Kamado Style Kettle Egg EIQEGG is a lifetime investment, suitable for every day and every weather. VIEW

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» Where should I position my BBQ?

Assemble your barbecue in a sheltered position, as close as possible to where it will be used. Choose somewhere with a level surface that’s far enough away from combustibles like plants and fencing.

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