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We have a great selection of tumble dryers, including models from top leading brands. Whether you’re after a freestanding or integrated machine we have plenty, from condenser and heat pump dryers to vented dryers. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand what features to look out for and what type of dryer would best suit your home.


There are different types of tumble dryers which vary dependent on their installation, use and suitability.

Heat Pump



Condenser tumble dryers are really versatile. You’ll be able to place one anywhere in the home as they simply plug in and they’re ready to go. They collect water from your laundry in a container which is inside the machine. The dryer will let you know when the container is full and it’s then really easy to remove and empty it.

Top Tips

Some condenser tumble dryers can actually be plumbed in, so water will drain away just like in a washing machine. Make sure you get a plumber for this as you may not have readily available pipes for this.


Vented tumble dryers are very reliable but can be a little more tricky to position in the home as they use a flexible hose to carry damp and warm air from the drying process to the outside of your home. You can either put the hose through an open window or install a vent in an external wall to take away the moisture.

Top Tips

These tumble dryers are great if you’re on a budget. There are some top branded vented tumble dryers offering really good value for money.


Heat Pump

Heat pump tumble dryers are very gentle and extremely quiet, they’re also the most energy efficient choice. They work by re-circulating the warm air in the dryer rather than letting it escape, which also means they don’t need a hose. So you can place these tumble dryers anywhere in the home, but avoid placing them in garages and outbuildings as they need to operate within a minimum ambient temperature range.

Top Tips

Don’t write these dryers off because of their price, even though they are the more expensive option, they will save you money on your electricity bills in the long term.


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Capacity refers to the machines drum size, whereby a 3kg capacity dryer can fit in 15 t-shirts, opposed to an 11kg capacity that can fit in 55 t-shirts.

Energy Rating

Dryers are rated from A+++ to C for their energy efficiency. Higher rated dryers save you more money on your energy bills whilst being economical.

Clever Sensor

Sensor tumble dryers calculate the necessary drying time according to your laundry’s weight, to prevent damage from over drying and save energy.


Dryers with anti-crease settings minimise creases and folds in your laundry, so you have little next to no ironing to do, saving you time and effort.

Noise Level

Noise level is measured in decibels. The lower the rating, the quieter the tumble dryer. 40dB equates to the noise in a public library, whereas 80dB equates to the noise of a ringing phone.


Make sure to measure your available space carefully. Keep in mind that tumble dryers typically need a 4-5mm clearance to the sides and back, both freestanding and integrated.

Energy Consumption

This is measured in kWh based on 160 drying cycles set to the standard programme. Lower consumption is ideal for saving money on your energy bills.


To make things easier for you we offer a connection service for our tumble dryers. Take a closer look at the details on our installation service here »


What is the standard size for a tumble dryer?

The flexible vent hose is usually located on the back of the tumble dryer, out of sight. There are a couple of models where the hose fixes to the front, this tends to be on the compact models.

For a condenser tumble dryer, do you need a water supply?

You don’t need a water supply for a condenser tumble dryer, as they collect moisture in a container within the machine. In fact you don’t require a water supply for any of the tumble dryers.

Can you stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine?

You can stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine, the dryer must always go on top. And you must stack them with the aid of a stacking kit for safety and stability.

Can a tumble dryer be installed in a garage or outbuilding?

If you’re wanting to put a tumble dryer in the garage or an outbuilding the best option would be a vented tumble dryer. Condenser and heat pump tumble dryers shouldn’t be placed outside of the home as they cannot operate properly in temperatures below 5°C, so your clothes won’t dry.

Does the tumble dryer have to be placed in a well ventilated room?

All tumble dryers need to take in air that’s cooler than what is inside the machine, they then expel this once it’s heated and it will contain moisture. So a well ventilated room is preferred, to avoid heavy condensation, but don’t get too hung up on this. You can help the dryer by opening windows and leaving doors open if it’s in a small room.

Do you deliver to my address?

We deliver all across the UK, 6 days a week, 7am till 8pm. We can even offer next day delivery. It’s really easy to check if we deliver to your address. Once you’ve picked out a tumble dryer you like, on that page there will be a delivery drop down section at the top, here you can see your options and search your post code. Or if you’ve put the dryer into your basket already you can check your post code here too and all delivery options will be listed. For more information regarding our delivery services, click here

Can you recycle my old appliance?

We certainly can disconnect and recycle your old appliance. Once you add your chosen tumble dryer to basket you’ll see there is an option to add the recycling service to your basket too, this does have a small additional charge. Check out our recycling service ».

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