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IQool Plus 12000 BTU Smart A+++ Wall Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump and 5-Meter Pipe Kit Included

SKU: iQool12Plus Quickfind Code: 1561355
A+++ rated

Calculate how many BTUs you need »

Air Conditioner Calculator

Use our handy calculator, which will help you figure out exactly what size of unit you require for your office or home.

What are the room dimensions?

How many people and heat sources are in the room?

What is BTU?

A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a rating used to determine the heating or in the case of an Air Conditioner the cooling capacity of an appliance.

Typically a minimum of 7000 BTU is needed to cool a small room, whereas commercial units can reach up to 25,000 BTU and beyond. Simply, the greater the BTU, the larger the space that the unit can cool.

Energy rating A+++/A++
Was: £714.97     You save: £164.99
Product options
Room Size
Why buy me
  • Manage temp & schedule via smartphone for ultimate control
  • Year-round use: cool, heat, & clean air with ease
  • Dehumidify & remove excess moisture for added comfort
  • A+++/A++ rated for efficient cooling & heating all year
  • Powerful 12000 BTU for cooling large areas up to 30m²
  • Follow Me mode: adjusts temp based on remote location
  • Sleep mode: perfect for using at night when sleeping
  • Self-clean function & blue fins for low maintenance costs

What stands out

  • Manage temp & schedule via smartphone for ultimate control
  • Year-round use: cool, heat, & clean air with ease
  • Dehumidify & remove excess moisture for added comfort
  • A+++/A++ rated for efficient cooling & heating all year
  • Powerful 12000 BTU for cooling large areas up to 30m²
  • Follow Me mode: adjusts temp based on remote location
  • Sleep mode: perfect for using at night when sleeping
  • Self-clean function & blue fins for low maintenance costs

The details

Imagine controlling the temperature of your home or office from your smartphone, so you're greeted with a cozy room every time you arrive. Thanks to electriQ's latest air conditioner with built-in Wi-Fi, this is now a reality. Connect it to your home Wi-Fi and use your smartphone to monitor and manage temperature, fan speed, and more from anywhere. For example, you can set it to turn on later if you're working overtime, to help avoid unnecessary energy waste.

It comes with the latest 'Follow Me Technology' that lets you adjust the thermostat based on the temperature of the room where the remote control is located. Just press the press the 'iFEEL' button on the remote and you'll get a comfortable temperature where you want, not where the air con wants! The child lock feature stops your kids playing with the air con settings too.

It's designed with double the BTU rating for efficient cooling or heating of large areas, saving up to 60% on energy bills compared to non-inverter models. Plus, it's self-cleaning for long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

Essential info

  • Power Supply: 220-240V~ 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Indoor Dimensions (L*W*H) (CM): 80.5 × 27 × 19.7
  • Indoor packaged Dimensions (L*W*H) (CM): 89.8 × 27.3 × 32.8
  • Net/Gross Weight (Kg): 7.5/9
  • Outdoor Dimensions (L*W*H) (CM): 78 × 56 × 27
  • Outdoor packaged Dimensions (L*W*H) (CM): 85.2 × 35.8 × 60
  • Outdoor Net/Gross Weight (Kg): 25.3/29.5
  • Air Flow (M3/h): 550
  • Rated capacity Cooling (W): 2600 (660-3300)
  • Rated capacity Heating (W): 2600 (660-3600)
  • Power Input Cooling (W): 580 (250-1300)
  • Power Input heating (W): 620 (250-1300)
  • Current input Cooling (A): 2.7 (1.1-8.8)
  • Current input Heating (A): 2.9 (1.1-9.0)
  • SEER/SCOP Cooling (W/W): 8.7/A+++
  • SEER/SCOP Heating (W/W): 4.6/A++
  • Thermostat-off mode (W): 25
  • Standby mode (W): 0.5
  • Copper Pipe Type length: 5m
  • Liquid side / Gas side (mm/inch): 6.35 (1/4) + 9.52 (3/8)
  • Max. Refrigerant pipe length: 25m
  • Refrigerant type/weight: R32/600g
  • A+++/A++ Rating (ERP Certified)
  • Super DC Inverter with GMCC Compressor
  • Cooling, Heating & Dehumidifying
  • Easy Fit with 5 meters pipe and cable kit supplied as standard
  • Energy Saving Inverter Technology
  • Heat Pump for efficient heating
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Digital White Led temperature and function display
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Save energy by using the ECO mode
  • Auto Restart when electricity is restored after a power cut
  • Child lock for added peace of mind
  • Installed with filters to remove odours, dust and pollen
  • Optional advanced air filters available
  • Warranty: 2 years parts & labour+3 years parts


Tech stuff

Our units are designed to reduce the installation time. The indoor and outdoor units are pre-gassed and sealed and they come with a pre-flared pipe-kit, enabling the qualified fitter to easily install them. The indoor unit should be fitted to the wall using a mounting plate supplied in the box. The condenser should be fixed on the ground or wall mounted on the outside of the wall, using the optional wall-mounting bracket. The unit comes supplied with a 5 metre copper pipe and electrical cable to help reduce the cost of purchasing additional parts.  The unit must be installed by a F-Gas qualified AC engineer. Please ensure the qualified fitter reads the user manual in full before installing.

These units contain a gas which is governed by F-Gas regulations. The gas must be handled by a qualified F-Gas personnel. 2 Year warranty is subject to commissioning by qualified F-Gas engineers. 5 Years extended parts warranty is subject to annual service. Further information on the requirements and ensuring the engineer is qualified can be found at: Government Guidance

GMCC is one of the largest manufacturers of compressors in the world and they have a strategic partnership with Toshiba, being used as RD facility and manufacturing plant by Toshiba. GMCC compressors are using the latest Toshiba technology and they go through strict testing.

Key Information
Brand electriQ
Type Wall mounted
Split Type
Multi split air cons connect a number of indoor units to one outdoor unit, to cool more than one room while saving space and running costs. Single room split air con units have one indoor unit connected to an outdoor system. Air cons with no outdoor unit are vented straight through the wall, making them perfect for anywhere outdoor space is difficult to access.
Refrigeration Gas
R290 is an energy-efficient refrigerant, an eco-friendly alternative with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). R290 does also not require installation by an F-Gas certified engineer, whereas R32 requires installation by an F-Gas certified engineer.
For quicker installation
Pipe Kit Included
No need to buy an extra kit for installation
Maximum Cooling Area (m2) 30sqm
Cooling Power (BTU)
The maximum cooling power of your air con in British Thermal Units. The greater the BTU, the larger the space the unit can cool.
Cooling Power (kW)
The maximum cooling power of your air con in kilowatts. The greater the kW, the larger the space the unit can cool.
Power Supply (V/hz) 220-240V/50hz
Energy Rating A+++/A++
Lowest Temperature 16Degrees
Noise level
How loud your Air Con is. A normal conversation is about 60dB
Colour White
Condition New
Warranty (year) 2
Timer Programmable
Heating Function
Heat pump for efficient heating, perfect for year round use
controls Electronic
Fan speeds
The higher the fan speed, the more air is conditioned by the air con so the cooler the room will be.
Can be operated or scheduled using your smart phone or tablet.
WiFi Built-in
Removes moisture from the air in your home, for a more comfortable humidity level. Reduces mould and mildew.
Dimensions & Weight
Max. Hose Length 25Metres
Pipe Kit Length 5Metres
Weight 7.5kg
Height 20cm
Width 81cm
Depth 27cm
Suitable For

To add to your order, simply select "Add to Order" and then add your product to basket as normal.

Question from Azz: Asked on 27/06/2023 Who do i need to install this?

Answer from ArleneQuiros: Answered on 27/06/2023

Hi Azz,

If you have ordered an appliance from us and purchased an installation or connection service, your installers will deliver and install the product in one visit. For additional information, kindly access the following link:

Thanks for reaching out.


Question from Russell: Asked on 12/06/2023 How much electricity do they use per hour when using AC at full capacity.

Answer from ErikaEsteban: Answered on 13/06/2023

Hi Russell! This unit has an energy rating of A+++/A++ which is the highest energy efficiency rating for appliances, including household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners. An appliance with an energy rating of A+++ is considered extremely energy-efficient.  typically consumes less electricity while providing the same level of cooling or heating output. The energy savings can range from 30% to 50% compared to lower-rated air conditioners.

It's important to note that the energy savings will also depend on how the air conditioner is used. Factors such as temperature settings, duration of operation, and maintenance practices can impact overall energy efficiency. Thanks! -Erika

Question from Simon: Asked on 12/06/2023 How much power in kw does it take to power this unit?

Answer from ErikaEsteban: Answered on 13/06/2023

Hi Simon! It takes 1.3kW to power the unit which is generally considered to be relatively low or moderate. When considering energy consumption, it's important to note that air conditioners are designed to cool spaces efficiently while maintaining comfort. Higher energy consumption may be acceptable in larger spaces or during hot weather conditions, where greater cooling capacity is required. However, for smaller rooms or areas with milder temperatures, a lower power consumption air conditioner may be more suitable. Thank you! -Erika

Question from Kristina: Asked on 28/05/2023 you guys install?

Answer from SamCarter: Answered on 30/05/2023

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for getting in touch

Yes, we do - See the details here:

Hope this helps,

Question from Rimsha: Asked on 15/05/2023 Is there an option to get this AC installed ?? If so, what are the installation charges ??

Answer from Rebecca: Answered on 18/05/2023

Hi Rimsha,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes there is, please find details below:

If you call 0330 041 2742, you can get a free quote.

Hope this helps.



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